Redmond Alano Club NEWS

  • Board Meeting for May: Thursday, May 19th, 7:00 p.m., at the Alano Club and Zoom, Meeting ID: 829 8666 9800, Password: 141016.​  All are welcome (you don't have to be on the board!) to join and learn about the open service positions with the Alano Club!
    Become a member to have your vote count on important issues. 

  • Open Service Positions: President Elect and Membership Chair.   

  • Want to start a new meeting? The Alano Club now has openings on Saturday and Sunday! Please contact us for available times at

  • You can now pay for  your membership using an online payment system. Visit the Membership tab at the top of this page to become a Redmond Alano Club member and  reap all the rewards of being part of the Recovery community. 

  • We now have guest wireless. Contact the office for the password, or look on the announcement board in the Alano Club.

The Redmond Alano Club is open for meetings!