Redmond Alano Club NEWS

The Redmond Alano Club is open for meetings!

  • Meetings are open at the Alano Club! 
  • Want to start a new meeting? The Alano Club now has openings on Saturday and Sunday! Please contact us for available times at
  • Board Meeting for June- on June 22, 2021, 7:00 p.m., the Board of the Redmond Alano Club will meet at the Windemere conference room, 821 SW 6th St, Redmond. Park in the parking lot and come in the front door and the conference room is to the left of reception desk. Become a member to have your vote count on important issues. 
  • Effective Immediately: The Redmond Alano club is no longer mandating masks be worn in the building. This is a personal and an autonomous meeting decision. Each meeting needs to make their own decisions, based on the new Guidance.
    We hope that people make good choices for their own safety and the safety of our fellowship.
    Thank you for your ongoing support!
    -Alano Club Board of Directors.
  • You can now pay for  your membership using an online payment system. Visit this website to become a Redmond Alano Club member and  reap all the rewards of being part of the Recovery community:

  • We now have guest wireless. Contact the office for the password, or look on the announcement board in the Alano Club.